The dregs of dreams, 1


The road from Alpine to Terlingua goes through mountains, past a border patrol checkpoint, and across a wide plain. And then, just as the mountains of Big Bend National Park loom off to the left, there are a few scattered and abandoned buildings: evaporated dreams.

But the dregs of these dreams are stunningly beautiful.

along Highway 118
Brewster County, Texas
photographed 1.20.2013

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  1. That is just spectacular – the isolation just dominates. Love this.


  2. Very nice. I love how you lined up the peak of the roof with the land. Nice processing too. I was expecting to read it was from a drawer in your parent’s place. And, dregs of dreams is a nice turn of phrase.


    • There were two things I wanted to get from this picture – the way the building and the top of the mesa lined up, and the see-through door of the place. There are a couple more “dregs of dreams” shots coming up, so I am glad you like the phrase!


  3. I enjoyed the title of the post and the desolate picture. “Dregs” is not a word you hear a lot.


  4. I love that ‘high-key’ type shot, Melinda


  5. Don’t you wonder what prompted someone to settle here of all places?


  6. I like how the lines from the utility pole disappear into the frame. Does that tell us something about this place?


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