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Sometimes the light


Sometimes the light just hands you a gift.

The morning had been overcast, but just as we got to this building, the sun broke through and…this happened.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 8.31.2008

One day a few months, one of my photographer pals phoned me up and encouraged me to take a particular class at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops; that’s where I am this week. Because of that, it will probably take me a while to respond to your comments. But I will get to them.

Corn-shaped Cornbread


I can’t recall why I ended up in Wimberley, or how I decided to check out the huge monthly flea market (over 450 vendors). But I guess it was worth the five bucks to park because I saw this fantastic cornbread pan, which is just like the kind my mom used. As an added benefit, someone (the vendor? a previous shopper?) had made this artful arrangement of cast iron pans.

Wimberley, Texas
photographed 10.6.2012

Go There


This is what happened one afternoon when I was in Atlanta. I was waiting on my traveling companion to return from his outing* so we could go to dinner so I decided to try my hand at in-camera double exposures.

Atlanta, Georgia
photographed 4.28.2014

*I’d been at a conference all day and was suffering from carryover ennui. I should have been outside. Or in the bar.

I’m off in New Mexico this week, taking a photography class. (Finally! I’m going to learn how to take a picture!) Please leave comments, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

The church is closed on Friday


I know because I tried the door. I always try.

Knobbs Springs Baptist Church
Knobbs Springs, Texas
photographed 2.28.2014

(I am away for a few days and may not be able to respond quickly to your comments. Please leave them though, and I will get to them as I can.)

This old house…


This old house is probably a Starbucks or a Walgreens or something by now. This picture was taken in 2008, on what was then the northern fringes of expansion of the Dallas metro area.

somewhere north of Dallas
photographed 3.15.2008


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