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Coffee Reflections


This was my favorite building at the National Ranching Heritage Center; it’s the Pitchfork Cookhouse, relocated to the museum from the Pitchfork Ranch, an operation that has over 180,000 acres in Texas and Oklahoma an has been in continuous operation since 1883. That may not sound like a long time if you’re from a country that’s been around a while, but out here, that makes it an old-time operation.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.5.2014

The line beyond


This is my country place.

Or, it’s a hut that happened to be already there when I bought the land. One of these days – sooner, rather than later, I’d say – it’s going to fall down. But for now, it makes an accommodating subject for a late afternoon photo. I like the ambiguity of the horizon line in the window – it’s hard to tell if it’s a reflection or if it’s a view all the way through the hut.

Oh, and while I was outside making this image, there were three other photographers inside. They were all from out of state, so I left them to the inside: I can go back any time.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 12.6.2014

Dress form


A dress form stands guard at a second story window.

Last week, some of my photography pals were in town for a show and we took advantage of a nice day and spent the morning at the National Ranching Heritage Center. We were almost the only visitors, but there were lots of workers around getting ready for a big event there this weekend. The workers were kind enough to let us go inside two of the houses, which are normally not open to the public.

And that’s how I got to make this photo.

the Barton House
National Ranching Heritage Center
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.5.2014

Serrated edges


I don’t particularly want to admit how, exactly, I know this, but the edges of this plant are as sharp as they look….

Canyon of the Eagles Resort
Lake Buchanan, Texas
photographed 11.28.2014

Wire knot


The wire fence around the butterfly garden seems to be providing instructions to tendrils on how to twist themselves.

Canyon of the Eagles Resort
Lake Buchanan, Texas
photographed 11.28.2014


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