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Office in alley


Sometimes the words, by themselves, make good sense. But then, when they’re stuck together…

That’s the case here. Midland. Supply. Library. Office. In. Alley. All good, useful words; you may have even used a couple of them yourself! But when they become a sign that says Midland Supply Library. Office in Alley? I’ve got nothing.

And to compound the confusion, I was IN the alley and didn’t see anything that looked even remotely office-y.

Midland, Texas
photographed 8.23.2014



You know what I did here?

Yep. I went around back. The front of the place was boring. The back wasn’t.

Just between us, I like to think of those two light fixtures as “building polyps.” I realize that’s not a real thing, but maybe it should be.

Midland, Texas
photographed 8.23.2014

There was some weather, #3


I took a little road trip the other day, and drove for many miles just behind this storm. Eventually I caught it, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked from a distance.

The next day, there was a line of storms on the eastern horizon. They were there all day, and it never seemed like my location changed in relation to them. That made the day seem a lot longer than it actually was.

near Perryton, Texas
photographed 8.28.2014

Stairway to…9th Street


What a graceful stairway! It connects the rarely-used plaza level of the Civic Center with pedestrian-unfriendly 9th Street.

As we say about failed architecture, “I guess it looked good on paper.”

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 8.16.2014

The after-hours club


Usually when I am out shooting, passersby don’t engage me in conversation.

On this particular day, though, an older man driving a pickup pulled over as I was shooting the old drive in from the other day. Our conversation:

Him: Do you remember what used to be here?
Me: No, sir. I’m from out of town, so I don’t know anything about it.
Him: Well, it used to be one of them after hours clubs. You know the kind I mean – the ones that didn’t even open until all of them other ones had closed. There was a lot going on here.
Me: How long ago did it close down?
Him: How long? Oh, it’s been closed forever.

Now, at this point I had seen three of the four sides of the place and was still under the impression that it was a drive in, so I wasn’t too sure he knew what he was talking about. But after he drove off, I looked in a broken window on the side I’d not yet explored…and then I believed him.

He came back around a few minutes later, pulling up close to where I was standing. This time he said, “Are you looking to buy anything?”

I was afraid to delve any further into that. It can’t have been good, right?!

Midland, Texas
photographed 8.23.2014


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