February 19

Well, this is sad.

In 2009, one of my friends and I took a trip to Las Vegas to photograph wedding chapels along the Strip. We did that, but we also shot plenty of photos of motels in the same area. And I suppose it’s a good thing we went when we did: many of the places we photographed have been since torn down, in the name – of course! – of progress.

The Yucca Motel is one of them. It was demolished in mid-2010. The sign was salvaged and now resides at the Las Vegas Neon Museum. As a matter of fact, the homepage of the museum’s website has a picture of this very same sign. I like my shot better. A lot better.

Las Vegas, Nevada

photographed 5.29.2009

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  1. Sad story, but wonderful picture. At least you have memorialized it.


    • Cassie – I didn’t even know the place had been torn down until I was researching information for the blog post. But you’re right – at least I got some pictures of it! And I can’t decide if a trip to the Neon Museum would be interesting or maddening. (Although I am leaning toward interesting, from a photography standpoint.)


  2. What wondrous things
    must have happened in this place
    all memories now.


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