“Meow,” said the bridge


Spring’s warm weather was on its own timetable.  While it looked warm enough outside, it was a cold, windy day.

I liked Ann Arbor; I’d be willing to go back and look around some more.  In my short stay there, I saw some interesting things.  Including this graffiti-encrusted railroad bridge, which I think is quite lovely.  Plus, it says, “Meow.”   How can you NOT like a bridge that meows at you?

Felch Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan

photographed 4.20.2013

PS – This is the 500th post here on One Day | One Image and it seems like a good time to thank everyone who takes the time to stop by, look around, or comment. It’s been fun, and I hope to be around for at least 500 more posts!

PS, part 2: One of my followers (LensScaper, I am looking at you) wondered what this looked like in color. Here at One Day | One Image, we are happy to oblige:


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  1. …and it’s a great shot for more than the meow factor! It looks like the tagger actually cared about what he was doing, too.


  2. There’s only one answer to ‘Meow’ and that is to Purr with delight! (Sorry- terrible pun!). Great jungle of Graffiti – I wonder what it looks like in colour. Congrats on the milestone, Ken.


  3. Black and white gives a much stronger image, in my opinion, but I prefer black and white generally. I also prefer the phrase street art to graffiti but I know its a fine line between the two.


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