Dream 4


Maybe I am one, too.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.14.2013

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  1. Nice! I like images like these, personally. A lot of folks seem to think a photograph must be sharp as a tack, but it’s a tool, like a paint brush, and can be used in different ways at different times.


  2. John is right. I fully agree with him!


  3. Very nice, I like the sense of movement this image conveys.


  4. Sometimes a departure can be a good thing (like this). To my eyes, it looks like more of a multiple exposure rather than a blured image. The tones are smoothed over and blend nicely with each other. I like this very much.


  5. I like this too. I think that taking shots like this that actually work could be very hard work if you wanted to do it all the time. Probably even harder than nice crisp shots for which cameras and lenses are designed.


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