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Never let it be said that we here at One Day | One Image don’t offer our readers several options when it comes to interesting travel trailers. This one, only 92 miles away from this little gem, is larger. But that native landscaping across the front might slightly impede access to the doors. And while I suppose that one might consider that a security feature, it still appears unnecessarily formidable for residents.

To find this one, go to Marathon (pronounced, for some reason MARE-a-thun instead of like the race), and turn north at the cafe that’s just west of the Gage Motel. Go to all the way to the end of that street (three blocks), then go left all the way to the end of that street (six more blocks), then go right. This will be on your left. Look for the water tower, and you can’t miss it.

Marathon, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

PS – If you get to town early enough, go ahead at have breakfast at the cafe. Sit outside. And chat up the waitress. She’s got a lot to say. (They are Italians, but are leaving today. He’s from Italy – been out here for better than twenty years. The dog’s name is Sparky. The flies are pretty bad this year. It’s been hot, but starting to cool down. Those people got here yesterday. You smell fruity.)

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  1. You smell fruity? 🙂


  2. Nice photo! Good attention to the use of the poles!


  3. Ah, the beauty of west Texas.


  4. Though we have never met, I feel I can pick you out in a crowd because now I know what you smell like; fruity. Just another part of the charm that is West Texas, not to mention seemingly unlimited photo ops like this.


  5. Does she talk funny and say “worsh” instead of “wash”?


  6. Wow, those cacti are like high security barbed wire fencing. Kind off cool, really!


  7. No point in jealously guarding this location, not with the sky high labels and all.
    I wonder what they grow inside that trailer that it needs such good defences.


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