Some things have surprising connections


I took this shot in April, when the weeping willows surrounding this huge memorial were just starting to leaf out. A few weeks later and the view of the memorial would have been obscured. I’ve looked at this shot several times since I took it, thinking it would be good for the blog, then changing my mind for various reasons that I don’t even recall.

This time, when I looked at it, I was reminded of the little cross I saw in the cemetery in Marathon, Texas, which was also partially obscured by vegetation:


So, from the huge memorial for Potter and Bertha Palmer in the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, to an unmarked cross in Texas – some things are the same, even when they are different.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.16.2013

Marathon, Texas
photographed 8.17.2013

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  1. My mother told me, when I was a child, the willows in cemeteries weep for the dead. That may be true but they are the prettiest trees any time of year. They make a perfect setting for this memorial.


  2. These photos go remarkably well together. I like the processing on the willow, it makes is seem as if the branches are falling, or raining, downward, and they match the shadows of the flutes in the columns too.


    • They do go together, in spite of the monuments being mostly on opposite ends of the spectrum. I didn’t even think about that shot from Chicago when I took the one in Marathon, or when I posted it; if I’d been smart enough to have made the connection while I was in the cemetery in Marathon, I would have framed the shot differently, to more closely match the angle of the Chicago one.


  3. Oh, that’s beautiful. I really like the combination of the two types of skinny vertical lines. Yum!


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