Jesus and the cotton gin


In my mind, this shrine is called Jesus in a Box, although I am almost positive that’s not really its official name. (I mean no disrespect; it’s just what it looks like to me.)

I’d only stopped in there once before, in my long-ago non-camera days, so it was about time that my camera and I paid a visit.

And so, there was Jesus and a cotton gin across the way, which I guess sort of sums things up around here.

St. Isidore Catholic Church
Abernathy, Texas

photographed 2.12.2016

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  1. It’s probably just me, but I see a repetition of the Jesus shapes in the sign out front and what’s behind it. It’s just me, right?

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  2. So their is a booze manufacturing plant across the way? Be not drunk with wine but with the spirit…

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  3. So glad you went back. Very interesting image indeed. Wither that is a “Gin” for cotton or spirits it gives me much to ponder.

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  4. Striking image, and I like your name for it – and your summing up of “things around there”. A


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