Psycho Heart


The whole reason I went to Prada Marfa was to see what the back of it looked like; I was distracted by this fine scene at first.

Then I saw this fence and graffiti.

And I sort of never did get the back-of-the-place shot that I intended. Some days are just like that.

behind Prada Marfa
Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.23.2016

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  1. Spooky

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  2. Love the graffiti and the composition, Melinda. I get Psycho Heart, (without the = sign) as being in love makes us a bit like that, but Psycho equals Love (as the heart symbol is often read) is mysterious. Love equals psycho, I get!


  3. Have just been reading about the Prada Marfa sculpture. It is fascinating! It reminds me of this artwork –

    It is so huge and imposing it is easy to think it is a real hotel but for its very narrow width. At night it is lit up like a real hotel would be. It isn’t the most attractive of sculptures but it is quirky and interesting. I wonder whether Prada Marfa came first and fed into our artist’s ideas or if they developed independently?


  4. By any chance could this be political graffiti? Or campaign signage done on the cheap?

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