Yard sale, with wedding dress


I was on the far side of a parking lot that was across the street from this house, taking this picture, when I spotted the wedding dress hanging on the porch.

I have certain rules that I follow when I shoot, and one of them is that I never want to make a photo that could be construed as making fun of someone living in poverty, or of someone whose sense of decorum is different than my own; that’s why you’ll almost never seen photos of run-down houses that are currently occupied and why you’ll never see photos of people living on the street. I don’t mean to be judgey about people who DO shoot those things – it’s just not my thing.. So, generally, places like this go undocumented with my camera. But, that wedding dress! Over there on the porch, set aside from the other, regular clothes on racks in the yard – I just couldn’t resist.

Plainview, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

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  1. Since people can see what they want to see in anything, I can understand your concern. For rational people, however, it’s hard to construe this image as “making fun”.


  2. Love it and your concerns. If that dress could tell the story!


  3. I personally think it’s an amazing image, I think it tells a powerful story, definitely not ‘making fun’ of anything


  4. I like the image a lot but the four wheel drive vehicle looks like it is floating above the ground. Can you see that? I just wish it hadn’t been there at all, as it is a great shot with the glowing wedding dress!


  5. I also like the way some of your more recent images have a tintype look to them. Very cool.


    • Thanks, Kate – I’m heading in a bit of a new direction lately. I was starting to feel like I was in a rut. And even though I didn’t really enjoy the photography class I took, I did at least get some ideas of how to climb out of the rut.

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