This is private property


I won’t lie: I sort of wanted to wander around this housing complex, because I was pretty sure there were many things there that needed to be photographed. But there was that whole “criminal trespass” thing…

Colorado Springs, Colorado
photographed 8.31.2016

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  1. Just tell them your looking for 2714!


    • Well, of course – that’s perfectly obvious. Now.


      • You can go anywhere with a clipboard 🙂


      • That’s true! I was in grad school in New Orleans, studying urban planning; we did a land use survey in the French Quarter, where there were a ton of rules about what could and couldn’t be sold and how things were displayed and so on. The ONLY thing we were doing was writing down the businesses at each location – but ahead of us, shopkeepers were busy fixing the stuff that wasn’t in accordance with the rules. I don’t remember one single thing that we learned from that land use study, but the power of clipboards has stayed with me…

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