House portrait: pantry

For various reasons*, I wasn’t feeling it over the weekend when I should have been outside somewhere making photos. So I walked around my house to see what I could find.

Those Big Bend glasses were my dad’s; getting something like that on a trip was not something he did often (or at all), so I don’t know what was going on to inspire the purchase. But the idea of my dad buying those glasses and getting them home and then never using them is sometimes** enough to bring tears to my eyes.

We use them a lot; we’ve got these things that make giant, spherical ice cubes*** that fit nicely into these glasses. Then add whiskey or something similar…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.17.2019

*Saturday – the wind was blowing approximately 1,000 miles/hour. And it was dusty.
Sunday – it was cold. Also, I was lazy.


***I guess they’re not really ice cubes if they’re spheres, but you know what I mean.

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  1. Perhaps your dad was REALLY impressed by Big Bend. We are happy you were lazy. Don’t make it a habit as I have done.
    Btw, are the two glasses between Big Bend and Sweet Dreams just for the spherical ice cubes ?


  2. This is the kind of photograph that changes me from an art lover into an anthropologist. Did your dad like whiskey? Because they are perfect whiskey glasses. Anyway, I could explore this image for a long time picking up fascinating details.


    • They ARE perfect whiskey glasses, but I learned that on my own. I never saw my dad drink whiskey, and thinking back, I’m not even too sure I remember his using these glasses.

      I love to look at photographs that have normal house stuff in the background – seeing those overlooked (usually) details is interesting. And I can draw lots of conclusions based on, well, not that much!

      Thanks for commenting on the post!


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