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War Memorial, with chairs

Some people might think stopping at all these different cemeteries would get redundant. Those people would be wrong. For example, this is the first time I’ve spotted metal folding chairs facing opposite directions in front of a war memorial.

Meadow, Texas
photographed 11.7.2020

Three Feet and Two Chairs

It was a calm morning in Bozeman – the pool became a mirror.

(Fun story: it was soon to be less calm, as my other camera took a bit of a lens-first dive onto a concrete floor. The floor won. But Bozeman Camera and Repair saved the day – and the vacation – and we were soon on the road with a brand new lens.)

RSVP Hotel
Bozeman, Montana
photographed 8.29.2020

Chairs, guarding the door

Perhaps this was an homage to the barricade scene in Les Misérables?

Or, maybe it was just a couple of chairs.

photographed 6.9.2017

three chairs

If you take a tour of the Farnsworth House, you get to use these three chairs and the one bench while you take your shoes off before you go inside.

The Farnsworth House
Plano, Illinois
photographed 6.26.2018

Hierarchy, chairs

Was there a reason the chairs increased in complexity from left to right? Or was it a coincidence?

Nuestro Señora del Sagrado Rosario
Truchas, New Mexico
photographed 5.27.2018

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