February 24

Dear Residents of Hale Center,

Yes. That was me you saw on Thursday afternoon, driving around downtown. I wasn’t there to case the joint, or to make fun of your quaint Texan customs. I wasn’t looking for a bathroom, or a liquor store.

I was there to take pictures. You probably don’t know this about me, but I am exceedingly fond of taking pictures of old buildings. I recognize the sadness inherent in their demise – and what it means for the future of Hale Center, or Earth, or Littlefield, and all the rest of our towns. But there’s just something I love about capturing a moment, just one moment, of their decline.

And so, yesterday, when I was in your town, I saw the way the light slanted down across that brick wall. And I thought it was lovely. And I drove around the block, just so I could take its picture.

I hope you like it.

the photographer

Hale Center, Texas

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  1. Various colors
    compliment the small town’s life
    always evolving.


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