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July 31

Inside the Design Within Reach store on Magazine Street in New Orleans. (I tend to call the store by what I believe to be a more accurate name, Design Almost Within Reach. Check out a few price tags: you’ll see what I am talking about.)

New Orleans, Louisiana

photographed 4.10.2010

July 30

On the grounds of the Colorado Chautauqua.

True story: I sat on this bench and listed through the walls of the auditorium to Bruce Cockburn’s soundcheck a few hours before an actual concert. In fact, let’s assume that I heard “Mighty Trucks of Midnight”* while I was taking this picture.

Boulder, Colorado

photographed 5.27.11

*Because I really did hear that song during the soundcheck.

July 29

No, it really isn’t.

New Home, Texas

photographed 1.9.2011

(Sort of like this shot) from Newcastle, isn’t it?)

July 28

On a completely different scale from yesterday’s post is this small country cemetery in north Texas.

Tyra Cemetery
near Murray, Texas

photographed 3.24.2012

July 27

At the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, over 3,200 Americans are buried and another 5,100 names are inscribed on the Tablets of the Missing. The majority died during World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic or in the strategic air bombardment of northwest Europe.

Is it any wonder, then, that there are so many crosses they blur together….

near Cambridge, England

photographed 10.2007

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