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Outta the Creek

My guess is that the author of this sign was not referring to literal pigs, or a literal creek. Or literal water, for that matter.

Wildorado, Texas
photographed 10.9.2021

Inspiring Rest Area

At a certain point, I suppose, the question becomes “Why stop at a regular rest area, when we can stop at an inspiring one?”

Another question would be “What, exactly, even IS an inspiring rest area?” And also “Do I need to be inspired, or do I just need to pee?” And these questions are followed by “Why I am asking myself all these questions?”

Groom, Texas
photographed 10.9.2021


This trip – a journey, really – that I went on in October was nearly 1,700 miles of driving and very nearly (it felt like) that many u-turns. This is but one example of something that caught my attention, but that didn’t catch it in time to just turn off the road like a normal person. (Doing anything “like a normal person” is not something I generally do anyway.)

Chandler, Oklahoma
photographed 10.11.2021

we would see Jesus

A very nice woman in Alanreed, Texas, got the church keys from her mom and gave me a tour around the inside of the church. She showed me the whole place – the door where a homeless person broke in and the room where they lived for a while, some tiny Sunday school classrooms, the old church sign, and some very scary-looking stairs to the baptistry. This open hymnal was the best of everything she showed me.

Alanreed, Texas
photographed 10.9.2021


When I’m out shooting, it’s often the only time I visit a particular location. That makes me think the place always looked the way it did prior to my photograph and would also continue to look that way forever. That makes me always a little surprised if I see it again and it’s different.

As it happened, five weeks after I made this image, I was back on the same street (at very nearly the same time of day). This time, most of the concert posters were gone from the window, there was a big motorcycle parked on the sidewalk, and the building was for lease. Maybe I’ll go back in five more weeks to see it again…

Amarillo, Texas
photographed 10.9.2021

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