Monthly Archives: October 2021

chair + corrugations

One thing you may know about me: I will often stop to photograph corrugated metal siding.

And other thing you may also know: I will often stop to photograph feral chairs.

Both at once is a guaranteed photo.

Grandfield, Oklahoma
photographed 9.18.2021

the morning after

I don’t know why, but I could just tell the empty Sunday morning restaurant had been full of happy diners the night before.

Karat Bar and Bistro
Wichita Falls, Texas

photographed 9.19.2021


Low sun makes good shadows. Obviously.

Wilson, Texas
photographed 10.3.2021

Forever (times three)

It seemed slightly easier to take my camera in with me than to stow it in the car. And that’s how I was able to get these three very large screens – the light from them was almost enough to light up the whole room.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 10.3.2021

Behind the Sacrament

Late the other Sunday afternoon, I was wandering around my part of Texas looking for a few things to photograph, and that’s how I happened to notice how nice the back of this church looked in the low autumn sun.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Wilson, Texas
photographed 10.3.2021

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