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Art room sink


I took this inside the same room as this and this.

But what I really wanted to show you was my three-part (so far) series I guess I can call Random Broken Sinks. I found the first one inside another abandoned school building in Garza County, Texas. And the second one is in the unused second floor of a building in Tahoka, Texas.

Union School
Terry County, Texas

photographed 7.4.2012

Rustoleum Metallic, art room


Another shot from inside the art room at the vacated Wellman Union School.

See that can on the desk? It’s Rustoleum Metallic. I am just positive that someone took the spray paint in there with the intentions of painting the filing cabinets. Right?

Union School
Terry County, Texas

photographed 7.4.2012

Home Ec door


After yesterday’s post, I thought I’d go ahead and show another school that’s had better days.

This is one of the buildings at the now-defunct Wellman Union School. The sign on the door says Home Ec, which makes it sound old-timey. Except that around here, people probably still do say “home ec.” Without being ironic.

Union School
Terry County, Texas

Caution: school


Another view of the Arney School, which had burnt down just a few weeks before I saw it. Though the school itself had closed decades earlier, the building was in use as a community center.

Which makes me wonder – when a community loses its center, is it still a community?

Castro County, Texas

photographed 1.21.12

The money machine: Austin


If you don’t have the $5.95 for a combo meal at this place, this ATM is just around the corner.

But more importantly, why do you suppose that bricked-in window was so low?

Oh, and for those of you keeping score at home, you can add to my list of terms I hate this one: ATM machine.

Austin, Texas

photographed 12.21.12

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