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Caution: school


Another view of the Arney School, which had burnt down just a few weeks before I saw it. Though the school itself had closed decades earlier, the building was in use as a community center.

Which makes me wonder – when a community loses its center, is it still a community?

Castro County, Texas

photographed 1.21.12

December 25



Castro County, Texas

photographed 1.29.12

September 3

So, I had a Really Great Idea. I was going to do a series of photographs of old farm trucks, and I was going to call it Texas Farm Trucks. (I am very clever that way.)

This was the only one I every actually, you know, saw. So here it is, in its entirety: Texas Farm Truck(s).

Castro County, Texas

photographed 9.15.2007

April 19

Dead tires, metal barn.

Castro County, Texas

March 15

I like the look of low winter sun on round bales.

along FM 168
Castro County, Texas

photographed 1.29.2012

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