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We came for the view

Yes, it was the view that drew us here. And that BBQ grill was just an added bonus. (Also, how about what’s left of the window screen, flapping in the breeze. It’s flapping like that because there’s not any glass in the window. Can you believe how fancy all this stuff is?)

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.8.2018

Gradual Destruction

I’ve been trying for a long time to get THE shot of the interior of this hut, and I’m not necessarily saying this is the one I’ve been trying for, but I am pretty sure it’s better than this or this or this or this.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.8.2018

the feel of the coming rains

By now, though, I should understand that just because it looks like it is going to rain does not mean it will…

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.8.2018

The job of the artist

Part of the show 44 Texas Artists, Part 2 (which is mostly obscured by people.)

First Friday Art Trail
Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts
Lubbock, Texas
July 6, 2018


I purchased, for an additional ten bucks, a permit to take images of the house’s interior. The waiver, as it turns out, allowed me to take photos for personal use only, so I’m afraid I’m unable to post interior images here.

But, see? The whole house is made from glass. It’s not like you can’t see/photograph the kitchen if you’re standing outside.

Just saying.

The Farnsworth House
Plano, Illinois
photographed 6.26.2018

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