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Window Seat

This chair, set tight against a window-without-glass, seems to represent a someone’s sad story.  I’ll let you fill in what you think is going on – I have my own ideas…

Maywood, Nebraska
photographed 8.26.2018

Sweet corn

“Did you bring back any corn?” – frequent question you get right after a late-summer visit to Nebraska.

Exeter, Nebraska
photographed 8.29.2018

Ghost Slide

The difference between this abandoned school and all the other ones I’ve shot is that the Patient Spouse attended two years of elementary school here, which made the desolation a little more depressing.

But those two slides, barely holding their own against the onslaughts of time and weeds, turn a sad place into a creepy one…

Danbury, Nebraska
photographed 8.26.2018

Salt is very popular

Evidently, salt is a very popular item in this part of Nebraska – it accounts for 25% of the words in the signs on this market.

On the other hand, maybe the proprietors over-estimated the need for salt: the place is out of business…

Maywood, Nebraska
photographed 8.26.2018


A good day is any day when I’m driving around without a specific route and see something like this!

Lehman, Texas
photographed 8.12.2018

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