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And we all rush away

I was driving home from a weekend trip, and this place flashed by on my left, which meant that I made one of those photographer’s u-turns to get back to it.

It’s spring and the snakes are waking up, so I carefully picked my way across the weeds, watching for slithering movement by my feet. A nearby bunny startled me, but I didn’t see any snakes. I didn’t see too much of the building, either, because of that barbed wire fence guarding the place.

Dodson Prairie, Texas
photographed 4.16.2017



Yes, there I was, looking through another dusty window of another out-of-business restaurant.

How did that get to be a thing?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.11.2017

The rhythm of the place

So, I concentrated on the top of the building, while my friend Ehpem was looking down lower. I guess between us, we had the place covered, photographically speaking.

(If you haven’t looked at Ehpem’s post, you really should. He got a creepy image at the theater.)

Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.17.2017

the blur of the past was upon us

Last year, an old house next to my office was being torn down. I got to go inside for a look around. Mostly, it looked like this.

The few clothes hanging in the closet were what got to me. They were so personal, and so alone.

Levelland, Texas
photographed 5.6.2016

This is not the way

While there are ways to enter the place, this is not one of them.

Levelland, Texas
photographed 4.4.2017

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