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Sofa amongst the tile

You surely already know that I like to look inside abandoned places. I like seeing what sorts of things got left behind. I like seeing what’s falling apart. I like seeing what’s still holding on. In this particular case, the sofa looks really sketchy and almost all the ceiling tiles have succumbed to gravity. And that striped wall is still there…

Wickett, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021

Graveyard, sort of

From my angle, these pieces of concrete looked like some kind of weird headstones…

Penwell, Texas
photographed 3.24.2021

Book Burning 2: Crisis Forecasting

This photograph is the absolute truth: a book open to a chapter titled Crisis Forecasting was right there at the scene of the fire.

Sometimes I think finding things like this is the very reason I became a photographer.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.38.2021

Book Burning 1: Ansel Adams

There was a fire in downtown Lubbock last month; some apartments, a barbershop, and a used book store were destroyed. Naturally, my camera and I went out to look around; by the day I explored, the salvageable things (metal joists, mostly) had been pulled out to one side and everything else was pushed into a pile. And, shining like a beacon from the pile was Ansel Adams’s autobiography.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.38.2021

The Hate Door

Yes. Well. I guess this about sums it up.

Littlefield, Texas
photographed 2.28.2021

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