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all will be revealed in time

Go on – enter the church. Go on – approach the altar. Go on – let the silence speak to you. Go on.

Terlingua, Texas
photographed 1.20.2013

All the diamonds

My college boyfriend – let’s call him “Steve”* – and I spent a weekend in this town back in the day. His grandmother lived here and so did an aunt and we went to visit. My only clear recollections of that trip are that Steve and I climbed up the cliff behind the town and that his grandmother said I looked like Haley Mills. (Editor: Nope. I did not look one bit like Haley Mills. Maybe she told all of Steve’s girlfriends that story.)

The other thing I learned is that the town’s name, as pronounced by the locals, is “Santy Anna” with the words sort of mashed together into one.

And this? This is the side entrance to the church.

First United Methodist Church
Santa Anna, Texas
photographed 2.17.2020

*The main reason we should call him Steve is that was his actual name.

And there was light

The gentleman who was mowing the lawn across the street from the church was mightly interested in what I was doing. I guess they don’t get too many photographers wandering around town.

Anyway, I ducked out of his view, down a sidewalk, and was rewarded with the sight of the sun cutting through the old pressed glass windows.

First United Methodist Church
Santa Anna, Texas
photographed 2.17.2020

his wings as drifted snow

If you’ve been around here long, you probably know that sometimes song lyrics will present themselves to me when I am making a photo. And if you know that, you probably also know that generally these lyrics have very little to do with the subject of the photo.

But today’s song actually relates to the image in a way that people who aren’t me can get! Don’t believe me?

Ballinger, Texas
photographed 2.15.2020

Gloria Bautista

The map indicated a church out on this particular country road, and this is what I found.

The wooden letters over the front door are nearly gone; all I can make out is the top line – Gloria Bautista. The bottom line, though, is anyone’s guess.

Petty, Texas
photographed 2.14.2020

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