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For Father

Father wasn’t there. Or if he was, he’d walked over.

Texico, New Mexico
photographed 6.4.2021

Sometimes the way will be blocked

A tiny shrine, with believers held at bay with a rope: a reminder that sometimes our way will be blocked.

Fort Stanton, New Mexico
photographed 4.25.2021


Sometimes I get in a mood and feel like shooting a bunch of photos with a short depth of field. And as it turned out, April 18 was one of those moods.

But you could tell that without my mentioning it…

Twin Sisters, Texas
photographed 4.18.2021

Christ and the candleholder

Saint Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church was unlocked that afternoon I stopped by. Maybe it’s always open…I don’t have enough information to draw a conclusion.

But anyway, I went inside to have a look around. One of the best sights was this thin crucifix, hanging high on the wall and offset by a waxy candleholder. Add in white wooden walls and some vague shadows, and it was obvious that I needed a photograph.

Twin Sisters, Texas
photographed 4.18.2021

Freedmen’s Church

This was a nice find during my Big Day o’ Wandering.

This church was established in 1874 to serve the residents of Peyton Colony, a freedmen’s community named after Peyton Roberts, a former slave and one of the first freedmen to settle in the area. Please check out this video to learn more about Freedmen’s Communities in Texas; it is interesting and surely was not taught in Texas history when I was growing up.

Peyton Colony, Texas
photographed 4.18.2021

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