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Construction on this church began in 1604 and was completed in 1612; work continued on the Baroque ornamentation, and the project was deemed complete in 1740 when the frescoes on the ceiling were finished.

An attached monastery was partially demolished (to make way for other construction) in 1932; Allied bombing in 1943 destroyed what was left of those buildings.

There was a lot to see inside the church. It was overwhelming. Every view was full of…everything. Here’s a tiny slice of the interior, so you can get the idea of what we were up against when it came to knowing where to look and what to photograph.

Chiese dell’Immaculota Concezione
Palermo, Sicily
photographed 9.3.2022

to see the face of god

Do you see it? Do you see the face on that cross?

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
Oxford, Texas

photographed 2.19.2023

desperate cases and a broken vase

A votive with St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes) guards a broken vase and some dried-up roses, which are themselves a bit of a lost cause.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Windthorst, Texas
photographed 8.6.2022

methodist light

One of the (many)(very many) things I will almost always photograph is a shadow cast on a rough wall by a light fixture. And in this case, I spotted this from a block away and walked my photographer self right there, right up the church steps, to get the shot.

First United Methodist Church
Rocksprings, Texas

photographed 1.28.2022

let the bad air out

The very first time I went to Shafter, the church was unlocked. That meant that I was able to wander around and take all the photos I could. It was amazing.

The very first time I went to Shafter, I met a hermit monk – Brother Pascal – who happened to be walking by. I’d just purchased one of his religious icon paintings the day before and we had a lovely chat. It was magical.

I’ve been back two or three times since then, and the magic’s gone. The church is always locked and there’s no sign of Brother Pascal.

But anyway. Here’s a photo of a slightly-open window, a couple of statues, and a big-ass insect of some sort.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Shafter, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017

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