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Here’s the interior of that church from yesterday. I am a bit infatuated with that diagonal wood over there on the wall, and especially like the placement of the boards, the way they just skirt the side of the window arch.

Menard, Texas
photographed 6.14.2020

Valiant Effort

Google’s map says this building is the Apostolic Sanctuary, but when I was there the sign was empty so I’m not sure whose sanctuary it is now. But there is a renovation project underway, which was nice to see, as this is a nice little building.

Menard, Texas
photographed 6.14.2020

Holy Water

Worship in the Time of COVID is not nearly as catchy a title as Love in the Time of Cholera.

And anyway, hand sanitizer as a narrative is really, really boring.

St. Boniface Catholic Church
Olfen, Texas
photographed 6.13.2020

Church: 3/4 View

As you may recall, I am fond of looking around the backs of things, and that’s how I found this nice little propane tank hanging out behind the church.

Dodson Prairie, Texas
photographed 4.16.2017


The clouds were particularly cooperative that night, giving me (among other gifts) these crepuscular rays in a cloud as it hovered above the Apostolic Gospel Church.

Moran, Texas
photographed 5.22.2020

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