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Behind the Sacrament

Late the other Sunday afternoon, I was wandering around my part of Texas looking for a few things to photograph, and that’s how I happened to notice how nice the back of this church looked in the low autumn sun.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Wilson, Texas
photographed 10.3.2021

The Mother Church Gets a Facelift

I could see this place from my hotel window and after days and days of gazing down on it, I walked over for a closer look. The whole area – several buildings, a park, and a large reflecting pool – used to make up the headquarters of the Church of Christ, Scientist. Apparently, the church has lately sold some of the property to Northeastern University and I guess that gave them the cash they needed to renovate the 1894 Mother Church building.

The building on the right was part of a 1970s grand expansion of the church’s facilities. It was designed by famed architect I. M. Pei, and (believe it or not) won a bunch of awards, include the Prestressed Concrete Institute Award (1973), the Design Award of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (1975), and (this one’s my favorite) the 1975 Harleston Parker Award from the Boston Society of Architects for the “most beautiful piece of architecture” built in Greater Boston in the past ten years.

Christian Science Plaza

photographed 9.5.2021

Remembering John

“Come in! Come on in! Don’t be bashful!” -what the very exuberant gentleman at St. Joseph’s Chapel said to me as I was trying to stealthily photograph the chapel’s foyer. So I did come on in. I sort of had to at that point, right?

North End
photographed 9.5.2021


According to the sign, Sunday School was supposed to be in session. The Patient Spouse and I (plus a dog that seemed to live in an adjacent cemetery) were the only ones in attendance and none of us were prepared to give a lesson.

So I made some photos, the dog returned to the shady spot he’d emerged from, and the PS and I drove onward.

Freestone County, Texas
photographed 8.15.2021


Late afternoon utility line shadow crosses the church’s facade.

Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.2.2015

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