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Sicilian cherub

We stepped into this church to look around, but there was so much going on that it was hard to really see anything. And harder still to get photographs that conveyed the Baroque details, the Catholic imagery, the oldness of it all.

But there WAS a particular cherub that I liked.

Chiesa dell’Immacolata Concezione
Palermo, Sicily
photographed 9.3.2022

cathedral boys, playing with confetti

The church in Ragusa Ibla – the Duomo di San Giorgio – is stunning. Look it up; you’ll see what I mean. It’s on a lot of Sicilian tourism brochures.

In a stunning departure from what my previous photographic self would have done, instead of making a bunch of photos of the building, I spent my time watching these two kids playing in drifts of left-over confetti on the church steps. And photographing them, hoping to catch just the right moment with them and their game.

And, also, how about that one kid’s fedora?

Ragusa Ibla, Sicily
photographed 9.7.2022


You already know that I make a lot of photos by shooting through windows without any ability to carefully compose the shots: I get what I get. Sometimes it’s awful.

And then, there are times like this, when I didn’t even know until I saw this image on my computer that the cross on the altar was lined up through the gap in the door AND was arranged perfectly against a lighter background.

I don’t think I’d’ve planned it any better.

Eastland, Texas
photographed 8.7.2022


The church doors were locked, so all I could do was peek inside through the window.

There were lots of tiny items of interest, but my favorite thing was the word “misericordia” on that poster. It’s a lovely word and fun to pronounce, with a nice rhythm to all of those syllables.

St. Paul Catholic Church
Odell, Illinois

July 1, 2022

angel with broken wings

I can’t go to Santa Rosa without stopping at this old cemetery, with its roofless, falling down church ruins. I like the way a now-gone bush scratched wind-driven arcs into the wall. I like the way the a little more of the stucco has let go of the adobe walls every time I go by. But mostly I like the broken-winged angel, who is watching the slow-motion collapse of the building.

And I also like this song by Los Lobos. In case you were wondering.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2022

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