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Start here, with this long article about the fire. I’ll wait.

This part is relevant to the photo:

Her truck stopped on the Rue du Cloître Notre-Dame, a narrow street that runs on one side of the cathedral. The building was so gigantic, she couldn’t see where the fire was spreading anymore.

“We were so small that it was hard to get a proper idea from the bottom of the cathedral,” she said. “But it might have been better like that.”

We were standing on Rue du Cloître Notre-Dame when I made this image. It’s hard to look at the photo now, especially after reading the article.

around back
Notre Dame de Paris
photographed 6.10.2017

Shortly, we were engulfed

This storm came up quickly, with an intensity that was a little frightening. Or, actually, I think I mean the intensity was exhilarating. Yes. That’s what I mean. And it was also photogenic.

St. Charles Borromeo Church
Grand Coteau, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017

The Methodists were a thrifty group

The street-facing side of this sign says “United Methodist Church,” a group that was formed in 1968 when the Methodists joined up with the United Evangelical Brethren. Since the old name (complete with old time Gothic lettering!) was on the back side of the sign, I assume that the church members saw no reason to get a whole new sign, when all they had to do was turn the old one around.

Methodists: reusing stuff before it was even a thing. (If only, as an organization, they were still that progressive. But don’t get me started on that.)

House, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

3 ACs

If this church/parsonage combination were still in operation, it would be plenty cool in the summer.

(When I was a kid, we had these kind of air conditioners, which work by drawing air across water-dampened pads. They have a particular smell when they come on that I will forever associate with my childhood home on 28th Street.)

House, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

Hours grow shorter

The setting sun, lighting the front of the old church, with the afternoon’s storm cloud moving ever further away.

Presidio la Bahía
Goliad, Texas
photographed 5.6.2019

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