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Who am I to doubt these mysteries?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted song lyrics that (in my mind) relate to the day’s image. This photo made me think of the song “Guadalupe” with the fantastic line “Who am I to doubt these mysteries?” and here are two versions of it. This one is by Tom Russell, and this one is by Gretchen Peters, with Tom Russell. (If you like the way Tom and Gretchen sound together, you should look for their album One to the Heart One to the Head.)

I found these well-used candles in the church in Terlingua, Texas’s most famous ghost town.

Terlingua, Texas
photographed 1.20.2013

What leaving looks like

If you go to Valentine, Texas, and think the church will be unlocked and then discover it’s not, this is what you’ll see as you leave, trying not to be too disappointed.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018


On my only other visit to Shafter, the church door was unlocked and I was able to get some photos inside. I didn’t realize how much I was looking forward to shooting inside there again, in muted light this time, until I discovered the door I’d gone in before was locked. And so were all the others. It was a disappointment.

But at least I got to see this, on the back of the church.

Shafter, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

The hierarchy is posted

In terms of relative sizes of photos/crucifixes, you can see who’s most important here.

St. Mary Catholic Church
Marathon, Texas
photographed 12.24.2018

Church Reflections

The town’s hermit monk walked down the hill from the highway and waited patiently (which I guess is something hermit monks are good at) while I got this shot. Then we had a chat. As you do with hermit monks, I guess.

Shafter, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017

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