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There are two ways

Take your pick, I guess, when you want to go to church through the back entrance(s).

Wright, Louisiana
photographed 10.21.2017

Must be the Easter Bunny’s storeroom

You know that if I was looking at and photographing the front of a church, I sure did walk around back to see what was there. And that’s how I found the storeroom with oeuf boxes stacked up. Naturally, the only conclusion is that I found where the Easter Bunny stores their eggs until they need them.

Église Catholique Sainte-Marie
Church Point, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.26.2015


This church, first known as the Swedish Free Mission Church, was built in 1915. The services were conducted in Swedish until the 1940s.

The church is currently called the Evangelical Free Church and services are held every Sunday afternoon at 4:00.

Melvin, Texas
photographed 6.15.2020

Double Baptist

I drove through a town that was so small that I barely noticed it. (Sorry, tiny town.) On the north side of town I passed a church and seconds later, my brain decided that the sign out in front said “Double Baptist.” A minute or two after that, my brain also decided that I couldn’t go another day without a photo of the Double Baptist Church.

It is actually the Doole Baptist Church, and my brain obviously cannot be trusted.

Doole, Texas
photographed 6.15.2020

Job Site

Here’s the interior of that church from yesterday. I am a bit infatuated with that diagonal wood over there on the wall, and especially like the placement of the boards, the way they just skirt the side of the window arch.

Menard, Texas
photographed 6.14.2020

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