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rhyme + rhythm

I like the rhyme on the sign. I like the rhythm of the utility poles. I like the amount of sky. I like the desert. I like those mountains down the way. I like the slightly back-lit effect on the flag.

I am less a fan of RVs. But they aren’t even in the photo, so according to my official record of the place, there’s a chance they don’t even exist…

Presidio, Texas
photographed 3.25.2021

all the days we’ve been apart

I saw ghosts that day.

The first one was when I turned (randomly, I thought at first) down a ranch road. A wave of memories of one of my best friends from high school and college almost swept me away the very second I made the turn; I guess I thought I knew the things that resided in my memory but I was wrong. And then I saw the house where my friend’s grandparents used to live. I know it was the same house; I could feel it. I had made previous efforts to find it before, but it wasn’t until I wasn’t looking for it that it appeared to me. As I drove by, slowly, I acknowledged the ghosts that I had stirred up.

Later, I went to the town where my adult-life best friend lived. She died almost two years ago, and I am still staggered by the loss. I had lunch at a place we’d gone to before. Then I drove by the house where she’d lived (and where she died); her husband’s truck was in the driveway and I recognized some of his things in the yard. I stopped, briefly, and nodded sadly through my tears at the ghosts who were still there.

It was not the day I expected to have, but it was the day I got.

Eckhart, Texas
photographed 2.19.2023

light comes at you sideways

If you live in an arid region*, obviously your chances to see a harbor with reflections of boats (Or ships? Maybe I’m supposed to say “ships”?) are non-existent. Good thing I was traveling with people who live near water and could explain some stuff to me. (Except when to say “ship” and when to say “boat.” They probably assumed I knew.)

Palermo, Sicily
photographed 8.30.2022

*Like, for example, Lubbock, Texas.

a walking lunch

I don’t know what this gentleman was eating for lunch. But I am positive that it was delicious. I mean…this was in Sicily, where everything was delicious.

La Vucciria
Palermo, Sicily
photographed 8.30.2022

sometimes there are too many contrasts

There was a lot going on here.

It was the first night of my long-anticipated, often-delayed trip to Cuba. I was trying to settle in to what I was seeing and feeling. The contrasts (in both of those things) left me feeling unsettled, and it was a feeling that stayed with me the whole I time I was there.

Av. Bélgica
Havana, Cuba
photographed 11.5.2023

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