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Forever (times three)

It seemed slightly easier to take my camera in with me than to stow it in the car. And that’s how I was able to get these three very large screens – the light from them was almost enough to light up the whole room.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 10.3.2021

Behind the Sacrament

Late the other Sunday afternoon, I was wandering around my part of Texas looking for a few things to photograph, and that’s how I happened to notice how nice the back of this church looked in the low autumn sun.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Wilson, Texas
photographed 10.3.2021

bloom where you’re planted

I did up to nearly a minute of research on the phrase “bloom where you are planted” and I can tell you, with much confidence, that it either is or isn’t in the Bible.

And anyway, this is a weed so it technically wasn’t even planted in the first place.

New Home, Texas
photographed 10.3.2021

Still life: an alley

Two days, two alley photos. Yep. That’s the way I roll.

Archer City, Texas
photographed 9.16.2021

it’s been a while…

It looks like it’s been a while since anyone pulled that vine off the fire escape stairs. But it adds a nice soft element in a downtown alleyway.

Wichita Falls, Texas
photographed 9.19.2021

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