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This stretch limo has been parked next to a vacant building for years. Both, of course, have their best days far, far in the past. I was downtown the other Sunday afternoon (you know why) and took a look at the limo; after all these years of kind-of seeing it, it seemed like it was about damn time I went in for a closer look. In addition to many pounds of bird shit splattered all over it, there was a nice array of a shattered driver’s side window, a felt cowboy coat, a bible, and Spanish dictionary, a red crayon, and a granola bar. That seems like a lot of narratives all congregating in one location, doesn’t it?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.17.2022

*UPDATE* Two days ago, I drove by this location and the car was gone. Good thing I finally got around to photographing it.

strings + thorns

I usually forget the part about getting in really close to a subject to capture the details – and how doing that will sometimes render the subject nicely abstract. But I am trying to get better about it, which is how I noticed the patterns made by the top of a discarded mattress as it unravelled into the air.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 1.14.2022

drain. stop.

Well, sure, travel to exotic locations will always reap photographic rewards. The scenery’s different. And so is the food, and the people. And on and on.

But don’t forget the humble beauty of a drain stopper on a sunny windowsill.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
photographed 8.30.2020

new forest, eventually, maybe

It’s going to take a minute or so, but maybe one day these little sprouts will turn into a forest…

Nambé, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019


At the Immersive Frida Kahlo exhibit, you can sit in white chairs while giant projections of art float in front of you, next to you, on top of you. It’s a trippy experience.

Lighthouse Artspace
Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.8.2022

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