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The past, reflected in the past

The old buildings at the Pierce Point Ranch are kept up, and nicely painted white, which I hope is a nod to making them even more photogenic. (But, since the place is listed with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the white’s probably historic. And photogenic – no reason it can’t be both, right?)

If you get yourself lined up just right you can see a little piece of the past reflected in the bunkhouse window.

Pierce Point Ranch
Point Reyes National Seashore
photographed 4.16.2019

Difficult to remove

Yes, I am aware that just over my left shoulder, as I made this image, was a stunning view of the Point Reyes beach. And just over my right shoulder was a view of the sea lion cove.

But I liked the looks of this.

Point Reyes National Seashore, California
photographed 4.16.2019

How to get to the end of the world

Are you wondering how, should the need arise, you could get to the very end of the world?

I think it’s right here – just take that pathway, and there you are.

Above Muir Beach, California
photographed 4.16.2019

Life-saving Station Cemetery

On the top of the last ridge before the ocean, in a small grove of eucalyptus trees, you can find the Historic Life-saving Station Cemetery.

It seemed odd to see “life-saving” and “cemetery” right there together that way, but then it made sense: the “life-saving service” was a very early version of the Coast Guard, and its members were in charge of water rescues. The four men buried here were members of the service, and all died during training accidents. You can read about it here – take the time, if you’ve got it, as it’s interesting.

It was nice up here on the ridge. The trees smelled good, a field across the way was covered in yellow flowers, and the light played nicely across the white pickets around the graves.

Historic Life-saving Station Cemetery
Point Reyes National Seashore, California
photographed 4.16.2019

Clouds overhead were ghostly gray

It’s unusual to see cloudy skies out here. These kinds of clouds, anyway – low gray ones that hang around all day. In the summer, it’s not uncommon to have thunderclouds build up and quickly dissipate.

But how about the way the lighter shapes in the clouds echo the shape of the shrubbery by the stairs?

Shafter, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

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