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Window Seat

This chair, set tight against a window-without-glass, seems to represent a someone’s sad story.  I’ll let you fill in what you think is going on – I have my own ideas…

Maywood, Nebraska
photographed 8.26.2018

Flowers, butterfly, cloud

Of course a gloomy day is the perfect time to photograph a field of sunflowers. And photographing them in monochrome? Even better.

And then, a butterfly landed on that flower, and stuck around long enough for me to get the shot.

rural Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 9.9.2018

Bob the Bridge holds it together

Here’s another view from our friend Bob the Bridge, looking upriver past one of the cables.

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
spanning the Missouri River between Omaha and Council Bluffs
photographed 8.31.2018

Lights: Lubbock and beyond

We were out at the country place the other night; thunderstorms were in the forecast, so I was prepared to get many, many fantastic photos of lightning. This is the best one of the bunch, which tells you how that plan worked out: I got a photo of lighting instead.

Yellow House Canyon, Texas
photographed 9.2.2018

In the departure lounge

I’ve mentioned previously how I can fill up time at an airport by taking pictures. And, here I was again, in Omaha, waiting on my flight…

Eppley Field
Omaha, Nebraska
photographed 9.1.2018

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