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Waterfall and tourists

The trick about photographing this place is to be there when no one else is. That didn’t happen to me, as you can tell by that person perched up there by the waterfall posing for the other person up there.

Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota
photographed 9.25.2019

Submerged in clear water

The water was clear. And cold. But mostly clear, since I didn’t get and the temperature really didn’t matter. (See? I made it all about me, which is sort of selfish, now that I think about it.)

Brighton Beach
near Duluth, Minnesota
photographed 9.24.2019

Fishless and done for the day

This guy was done for the day, turning his back on the lake and on the fish who’d already ignored him for hours.

Lake Superior
French River, Minnesota
photographed 9.24.2019

The forest reclaims her own

At the very edge of a small cleaning, there was a tiny building shaped like a church. It’s fallen on hard times, though, and is unable to resist the advances of the forest.

McQuades Landing, Minnesota
photographed 9.24.2019

Catch of the Day

The Minnesotans where we stayed told us many times that the lake was unusually smooth, so I guess it was. But I guess these fishermen (fisherpersons?) were happy about it.

(Also, that skinny strip of land in the background is Wisconsin. I knew you were wondering.)

Lake Superior – Brighton Beach
near Duluth, Minnesota
photographed 9.24.2019

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