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I made 18 shots here, to get the flags just right. Guess which one was the best. Yes, the very first one.

But it’s only marginally about the flags anyway. It’s the mop, really.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

Shorthand Images

It’s easy to tell that I was in the American Southwest – the iconic skull and dried-chile wreath gave it away.

Marathon, Texas
photographed 12.24.2018

What leaving looks like

If you go to Valentine, Texas, and think the church will be unlocked and then discover it’s not, this is what you’ll see as you leave, trying not to be too disappointed.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

No ladder, no problem

See? You probably don’t even NEED a ladder for most things. A chair will work just fine.

Shafter, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

Small offerings: what now my love

This building’s roof was caved in, and the inside of the place was piled with roof rubble and other junk. A series of small offerings had been lined up on the window ledge (that’s a cookbook, open to a recipe for something called Crème Moka.)

And on the ground? Oh, that’s Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’s record “What Now My Love”, a big hit (#1 on the Billboard Album chart for nine weeks!) in 1966. My friend Gerald, a former professional trumpet player, once described Mr. Alpert as a “hack” trumpet player. As far as I know, Gerald was not the person who left that record there on the sidewalk….

Grandfalls, Texas
photographed 12.25.2018

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