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Baby, sing with me somehow


Naturally, this scene took my mind straight to a Neil Young song; I was helpless.

Seattle, Washington
photographed 4.19.2015

The daunting task


I don’t know how much of the wall that worker was painting with a roller, but if it was the entire thing, it he/she probably didn’t finish in one day.

Seattle, Washington
photographed 4.19.2015

Storm Drain + Clouds


I’ve just returned from a visit to Victoria, BC, where I spent a few days with my blogging friend Ehpem. We’ve been friends for a few years now, after following each other’s blogs. If you follow his work, you know that this storm drain is one of his regular subjects.

While I was in town, we went to the storm drain a couple of times per day; this image was made on my last day in town.

You just never know where blogging will lead you!

Victoria, British Columbia
photographed 4.24.2015

Dinner Service


After the dinner hour, a table still waits…

Washington, DC
photographed 4.1.2015



Maybe I have an emerging interest in photographing indoor tableaus. But, really, when the light comes through those beaded lampshades and highlights the tips of the aloe vera, wouldn’t anyone with a camera have that kind of emerging interest?

Silver Spring, Maryland
photographed 4.4.2015

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