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Maybe I have an emerging interest in photographing indoor tableaus. But, really, when the light comes through those beaded lampshades and highlights the tips of the aloe vera, wouldn’t anyone with a camera have that kind of emerging interest?

Silver Spring, Maryland
photographed 4.4.2015

Easter eggshells


On Easter weekend, my friend (I’ll call her Martha, mostly because that is her name) had a few eggshells on her kitchen windowsill. They were just hanging out until she moved them to the compost bin. They will be excellent compost, but they are – if you ask me – even better subjects for a photograph.

Silver Spring, Maryland
photographed 4.4.2015

A certain sense of desolation


Glen Echo started out as an amusement park and has been repurposed as an arts center. (Here’s the scoop.)

On the day I was there, a cold and rainy Friday, a sense of desolation permeated the place.

But on the other hand, there weren’t a lot of people around to clutter up the photographs, which got cluttered enough by the things left behind..

Glen Echo, Maryland
photographed 4.3.2015

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