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Canal Flowers

I know what it means when I see a flower arrangement or a cross or other mementos beside a road or on a street corner, and it’s never good news. What I do not know is if that same thing applies here, to some flowers left along the canal.

In 2018, right along this part of the canal, there was an accident that left one man dead and another one (who tried to save the first man) severely injured. Shortly before our visit, the injured man and his family was awarded a large settlement in a civil case, so maybe these flowers have some connection?

And, on another note, today is 16 years since my beloved mom died, after a fall at her house. I never plan out my posts – they just land where they land – so how fitting that this image would land on this sad anniversary: the Universe was thinking about me. (Here’s what I wrote about my mom and her death. I still stand by every word of it.)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.22.2021


Me, pretending to be a wildlife photographer: a result.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.23.2021

Always Onward

Parts of downtown Oklahoma City have things like convention centers and sports arenas and big hotels. Other parts have parking lots with chain-link fences around them. And sometimes, the streetcar will stop long enough for passengers to get a quick photo of all the things.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.25.2021

leaves, like time, flow by

Some skinny fall leaves in a canal and a long-ish exposure, from a boat: this is what that looks like to a camera. If you were wondering.

Bricktown Canal
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.22.2021

Home (with a range)

The owners of this place insist they are going to renovate it. I am skeptical. Actually, now that I mention it, if there’s a stronger word than “skeptical,” then that’s what I am.

Jericho, Texas
photographed 11.21.2021

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