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eight twenty-seven

Yesterday’s post spoke about how I took a lot of photos at the hotel where I stayed in Oklahoma City. And here’s another one.

I just couldn’t stop myself.

21c Museum Hotel
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 8.3.2022

accent color

So, the other weekend in Oklahoma City, I spent a few nights at the delightfully eccentric and quirky 21c Museum Hotel. The hotel is in a former Ford assembly plant, and it’s still got a lot of industrial details and the best natural light I’ve ever seen in a hotel.

And that’s why almost every photo I made that weekend was taken in the hotel.

I mean, you see why, right? A red blanket in an otherwise mostly monochromatic room + window light? There’s no way to pass that up.

21c Museum Hotel
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 8.4.2022

OKC Mornings

Well, this is something different!

Mornings from my hotel room were filled with the view across the street, and I couldn’t resist making photos. And then, I couldn’t resist making them into a triptych.

Also, starting this week, this image and a few others will be available for purchase at Broadway Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Lubbock. I am extremely proud that gallery owner (and artist) Janelle Barrington-Spivey has included my work with the other local and regional artists she represents. If you’re in Lubbock, stop on by and tell Janelle I said hello.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.24.2021, 11.25.2021, and 11.26.2021

Canal Flowers

I know what it means when I see a flower arrangement or a cross or other mementos beside a road or on a street corner, and it’s never good news. What I do not know is if that same thing applies here, to some flowers left along the canal.

In 2018, right along this part of the canal, there was an accident that left one man dead and another one (who tried to save the first man) severely injured. Shortly before our visit, the injured man and his family was awarded a large settlement in a civil case, so maybe these flowers have some connection?

And, on another note, today is 16 years since my beloved mom died, after a fall at her house. I never plan out my posts – they just land where they land – so how fitting that this image would land on this sad anniversary: the Universe was thinking about me. (Here’s what I wrote about my mom and her death. I still stand by every word of it.)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.22.2021


Me, pretending to be a wildlife photographer: a result.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.23.2021

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