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I don’t know if familiarity breeds contempt as much as it breeds photo-blindness.

I would never (never, I say!) even think about photographing the bed at my house. But a hotel room’s bed? I photograph a lot of hotel room beds. They just seem to be a lot more interesting, but that also makes me realize that I am overlooking photographic subjects in my own house.

Fort Worth, Texas
photographed 12.23.2022

eight twenty-seven

Yesterday’s post spoke about how I took a lot of photos at the hotel where I stayed in Oklahoma City. And here’s another one.

I just couldn’t stop myself.

21c Museum Hotel
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 8.3.2022

accent color

So, the other weekend in Oklahoma City, I spent a few nights at the delightfully eccentric and quirky 21c Museum Hotel. The hotel is in a former Ford assembly plant, and it’s still got a lot of industrial details and the best natural light I’ve ever seen in a hotel.

And that’s why almost every photo I made that weekend was taken in the hotel.

I mean, you see why, right? A red blanket in an otherwise mostly monochromatic room + window light? There’s no way to pass that up.

21c Museum Hotel
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 8.4.2022

parking, lots

Views from hotel rooms are something I will always photograph. (For example: San Diego; Stroud, Oklahoma; San Antonio; Oklahoma City; and Memphis.)

And here’s what I could see from a hotel room in San Francisco.

San Francisco, California
photographed 4.15.2019

the story remains untold

Yes. I know this is a departure from my usual work.

But what better time than right now, this very minute, to try something new, something that asks some narrative questions, yet fails to provide any answers?

Denver, Colorado
photographed 8.25.2018

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