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“Catenary*” is a word I learned in architecture school and haven’t used since. Obviously that degree was well worth the my time and my parents’ money!

But it was still in my head, all these years later**, and when I looked at the arc of those curtains and the arcs of the power line shadows, it popped up.

Berryville, Arkansas
photographed 10.6.2018

*Catenary = a curve formed by a wire, rope, or chain hanging freely from two points and forming a U shape.

**Here are some things from architecture school that didn’t stick around in my head: anything involving calculus or structural design, most of architectural history, the difference between a muntin and a mullion, and whatever the hell hegemony is.




Parking/no parking

Can you park here, or not? This place confused me, so it’s a good thing I was a pedestrian…

Hot Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.8.2018

the quest for perfection

I guess I’m sidling my way into being a street photographer?

Hot Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.7.2018

Bathhhouse Row

From left to right: Bathhouse Row Emporium, Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center, and the Hot Springs National Park administration office. (In case you were wondering, there are still two bathhouses in operation here along Bathhouse Row – the Quapaw Baths and Spa and the Buckstaff Bath House. I was only in town for one night and didn’t have time to check them out, but I am sure they are lovely places. And if you don’t feel visiting a bathhouse or an emporium, you could always try the Superior Bathhouse Brewery. I DID manage to go there – there’s always time for a nice craft beer…)

You may be wondering if it’s “bathhouse” or “bath house.” My extensive research indicates that the answer is “yes.” I am happy to have been of assistance.

Hot Springs National Park
Hot Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.7.2018

When the one thing implies the other

I know. I know that the name of the cemetery was “Graves.” But that sign was still hilarious – so hilarious, in fact, that it required the Patient Spouse to make a u-turn so I could get the shot. (And, then another u-turn to head us back in the right direction. It’s our usual path when we travel.)

Delaware, Arkansas
photographed 10.7.2018

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