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The Grief Swing

The first burial in this cemetery was in 1878, a seven month old boy who died on December 30.

Since then someone has built a metal swing beside a clump of trees. But is it possible, really, for a swing to dissipate grief?

Holt Cemetery
San Saba County, Texas
photographed 6.14.2020

Cemetery Music

I visit cemeteries a lot; you might think that after all this time, they’d start to look the same or run together. Sometimes I think that’s about to happen, but then I see something like this, a metal marker in the shape of a guitar. And a sad story, too, since the young man who dreamed of a career as a professional actor as a professional actor passed away when he was only 20 years old.

Two other things – there was a cluster of tiny guitars in the hard ground behind the marker, and wasps were living inside the metal guitar.

Red Mud Cemetery
near Spur, Texas
photographed 6.10.2020

View from the other side

In my mind, this seems like the view the, uh, residents of the cemetery would have.

County Line, Texas
photographed 5.20.2020

Vanishing Point

An illustration of the term “vanishing point.” And also sort of a pun, thrown in because I figured you deserved something silly on a day like today.

near Allmon, Texas
photographed 4.21.2020

Death’s Shadow

Those four headstones are huddled together under three trees, living out their time in the shade.

Fairview Cemetery
Dawson County, Texas
photographed 3.24.2020

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