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you don’t need to know anything

The sign on the highway that pointed to this old cemetery slid past before I had time to react, but one u-turn and one left turn and one right turn, and there I was, at the gate of the Zion Lutheran Cemetery. Some time (and a dozen or so photos) later and it was another u-turn and one left turn and one right turn and I was back on the road.

near Lockett, Texas
photographed 9.17.2021

Light and the iris leaves

A hilltop and windswept cemetery, an obelisk-shaped marker, and the backlit iris leaves were all I needed.

Guthrie, Texas
photographed 9.17.2021

Snails’ Pace

There were a lot of little snails on the railing around these graves. But you can tell that by looking at this photo, I guess.

Fairfield, Texas
photographed 8.14.2021


According to the sign, Sunday School was supposed to be in session. The Patient Spouse and I (plus a dog that seemed to live in an adjacent cemetery) were the only ones in attendance and none of us were prepared to give a lesson.

So I made some photos, the dog returned to the shady spot he’d emerged from, and the PS and I drove onward.

Freestone County, Texas
photographed 8.15.2021

in repose

I am sure you know that when I say “I went to Tulia” it implies that I went to the cemetery while I was there. And it was in the Tulia cemetery where I found two madonnas, at repose atop small concrete slab markers.

Tulia, Texas
photographed 8.1.2021

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