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Delia Anaya

Here at the sacred site of Chimayó, there are mementos and memorials everywhere, like this one for Delia.

El santuario de Chimayó
Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 5.27.2018

Not Random. Probably.

There are 64,331 interments in the National Cemetery in Santa Fe. I chose this one, more or less randomly, to photograph because I could get a good angle on the graves and flags. And the desiccated rose was nice, too.

And then it got weird: turns out that Kay Wiest was a photographer: the Kay Wiest Negative Collection (4,000 4×5 negatives) documents her work as a staff photographer at the Institute of American Indian Arts from 1964-1971.

So, maybe it wasn’t a random selection, after all.

Santa Fe National Cemetery
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2018


The side yard of this church featured Jack O’Neill’s grave, some buckets, and a very short ladder.

(Here’s what the churchyard looked like three years ago.)

San José de Gracia Church
Las Trampas, New Mexico
photographed 3.24.2015

Week of Randomness: Detail, cemetery

My mother-in-law is buried in this cemetery; it’s 600 miles from where we live, so our visits there are infrequent.

The last time we were there, it was early in the morning, and there was an old lady walking up the middle of the little cemetery road. From a distance – and even as she got closer – she looked exactly like my late mother-in-law. It was an odd feeling to watch her slow approach.

She spoke to us as she passed. Ghosts don’t talk, do they?

Anyway, this is a detail of tomb that’s in her cemetery neighborhood.

Kearney, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2014

Just the slightest tilt

It takes a trained craftsperson, probably, to spot the very, very slight out-of-plumb element here.

(If you can’t find it, let me know. I don’t mind giving hints.)

Metairie Cemetery
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 4.24.2018

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