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Clouds and branches fight it out

Winter-dead ivy branches seemed to be clawing at the sky. Maybe they’d already scraped the clouds into those little pieces?

San Angelo, Texas
photographed 11.24.2018

Pan, at a cemetery in Central Texas

A conversation with myself, in the cemetery:

Me: That statue looks…weird.

Me: Pan? It’s a statue of Pan? What the hell?

(pause for photos)
(also pause while I thought about the character of Pan in Tom Robbins’s book Jitterbug Perfume, and how my friend Laurie and I co-wrote a poem about the book and some other stuff and how that poem had the memorable [!] lines “seemed only right for a woman who was fond of fucking around/with seriousness, sanctity, syntax.”)

Me: Why is there a statue of Pan?

Me: He’s a pagan god!

Me: Wait. Who am I to say he’s pagan? Do I get to decide that? Or is it just my own Judeo-Christian background showing up?

Me: Wait. How am I going to refer to Pan in my blog post? Can I say “pagan” or what?


I am sorry to had to see what goes in my head. I hope you can recover from it.

Fairmount Cemetery
San Angelo, Texas
photographed 11.24.2018

Tentacles and the toilet

The door was already open, so I had a clear view of this scene from quite a ways off. Not the usual thing I see in cemeteries, and not even the weirdest thing in this one. (Come back tomorrow to see what that was. You’ll [probably] be as surprised as I was.)

Fairmount Cemetery
San Angelo, Texas
photographed 11.24.2018

“There is no death.”

The back of this elaborate tomb was engraved with a quote from Elizabeth Parker, who said, “There is no death. There is no forever gone.”

It is on her own tombstone, and she died in 2011, at age 16.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.6.2018

Bitter edges of a winter day

Christmas Eve in a cemetery seemed quite bleak anyway. And there was snow and a new storm moving in, both of which added to the feel of the day.

And this plastic, brittle and broken in the cold, and barbed wire? It just got worse.

Los Llanitos Cemetery
Truchas, New Mexico
photographed 12.24.2015

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