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Playground on a dripping day

It’s been a hot summer here in Texas, so to make myself feel cooler, I’m posting this picture that I made on a cold, damp day last December. I found this antiquated playground in a tiny town way up in the top of the Texas Pandhandle.

Mobeetie, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

Everything Melted

It was hot that day – around 110 degrees. And the wind was not a gentle, cooling breeze; it was the opposite of both of those things. And midday was brutal – everything felt like it could melt right then.

O’Donnell, Texas
photographed 7.13.2020

Weed as Barrier

That weed may have thought its presence across a potential walking route was enough to keep itinerant photographers at bay.

That weed was wrong.

Big Spring, Texas
photographed 8.2.2020

Discounts are available

I really do like the contrast between the shiny lodging shown on the billboard and the raggedy building below it.

We’re always looking for the next shiny thing, I guess.

Big Spring, Texas
photographed 8.2.2020

a slight technical problem

That panel that says “garage” is really nice, isn’t it? And look, it has a rail above it, so it can slide open. But….wait…there’s a regular door in there. So if you slide the big door open, the little one just opens to a wall? Awesome.

Sterling City, Texas
photographed 8.2.2020

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