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What “out of business” looks like


When the voters in Levelland approved alcohol sales in the city limits, this out-on-the-highway liquor store lost its reason for existence.

Opdyke West, Texas
photographed 4.23.2016



The biggest plowboy


I just knew that you’d been wondering where, exactly, the biggest plowboy in Texas was located, and as luck would have it, I was able to find him for you.

Roscoe, Texas
photographed 3.20.2016

Beverage Station


Sometimes, you can just tell by the name of the place that there was some sort of drama involved. Like this café I went to in San Antonio – The Original Blanco Café. I was hoping the inclusion of “original” in the name was a veiled reference to some sort of acrimonious split, but a glance at Google seems to indicate that this is the first of two or three other locations of the same restaurant.

So much for drama.

Unless you want to count the lovely drama of the beverage station, with the bucket of lemons, the framed photograph on the wall, and the stacks of glasses.

The Original Blanco Café
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 5.21.2016

As if a manor of thy friends


I tried. Really I did. But I couldn’t find anything cheerful here. Sometimes that happens.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 5.8.2016

PhotoPlace Gallery – Man in the Landscape


I got word yesterday that this image, “The Cost of Doing Business” was accepted into the online gallery for PhotoPlace Gallery’s show “Man in the Landscape.” I like getting good news at the end of the week. Or at any time, really. You can see the entire set of images here.

Whale Cove, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.28.2015

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