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The Gig

I found the guitar cases that the wandering mariachis stashed during their shift.

Bu the main thing is that I can’t even think about this restaurant without thinking about Lyle Lovett’s masterful rhyme in his song “San Antonio Girl.”

Well it was late by then
We should have turned it in
But she was hungry
And I was interested
In Mi Tierra’s
Huevos Rancheros
We took some Polaroids
Right at the table

I mean, really – rhyming “Mi Tierra’s” and “Huevos Rancheros.” Genius.

Mi Tierra Café y Panadería
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.22.2019

Sink (a dream)

It felt like a dream even though it wasn’t. At least I don’t think it was…

Historic Market Square
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.22.2019


Hello, and welcome to New Word Day here on One Day | One Image. Today’s new word is “chaplet.”

A Chaplet is a form of Christian prayer which uses prayer beads. Some chaplets have a strong Marian element, others focus more directly on Jesus or the Saints. Chaplets are “personal devotionals.” They have no set form and vary considerably. In the Roman Catholic Church, while the usual five-decade Dominican rosary is a chaplet, often chaplets have fewer beads than a traditional rosary and a different set of prayers. In the Anglican Communion, a chaplet often includes one week of the Anglican rosary. (from Wikipedia)

Additionally, the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy uses ordinary rosary beads of five decades. (also from Wikipedia)

And candles? Candles are involved too, right? (from my brain, which doesn’t understand any of this)

San Fernando Cathedral
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.25.2016

Tacos de Beef

Maybe it’s time for a lunch break? Go to San Antonio – it’s got a lot to choose from. For example, just in the width of a camera’s frame, you can get gorditas, tacos, fajitas, or tripas.

(NOTE: Autocorrect must have previously tasted tripas and is set on protecting my loyal follower(s) from them: it keeps trying to change it to “trips.” This is one time when I sort of support Autocorrect’s decision.)

Historic Market Square
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.25.2016

Three, and then another one

So, I might have been trying to be stealthy in an effort to get some photos of an interesting group of people. In an effort to cover what I was really up to (remember: I almost never photograph people!), I made a few photos of these chairs.

The chairs photo is blog-worthy. The ones of the interesting people? Nope.

Hyatt Hill Country Resort
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.26.2016

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