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Ray of Hope: for sale

This is a true story: I saw this church building (which is for sale) within the first hour I was in Nashville, but didn’t stop to photograph it. And the reason I saw it is that we’d just eaten lunch at a taco place around the corner. The tacos were good.

And so the next day, we decided to go back to the taco place, which actually violates a Major Rule of travel – do not repeat-eat at restaurants. That’s how good the place was.

And, because we went back, I was able to get a photo of these windows after all.

Like many things in life, I owe this to tacos.

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.23.2021


I may as well just go ahead and admit that I did spend a few minutes lurking while I waited for the silhouette-person on the other side of the door to move just a little bit, to get a better image. Previous versions of my photographic self wouldn’t have even made the photo because I would have considered it to be tainted by having a person in the frame.

People change. Even photographers!

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.24.2021

other side, in advance

The pyramid dominates the Memphis skyline, if you’re in the right part of town to see it. It’s a Very Big Deal to visit the thing, which houses a Bass Pro Shop and a hotel as well as a restaurant and viewing platforms up at the top. The mashup of an over-the-top outdoor store and the Big Cyprus Lodge INSIDE A DAMN PYRAMID made me a little dizzy. So I just photographed an empty parking lot on a side street and called it good.

Memphis, Tennessee
photographed 12.28.2021

Detail (Mausoleum)

One of the best things about going to a new city is the chance to look at a new cemetery! (An uncommon opinion, but I don’t even care.;)

Calvary Cemetery
Nashville, Tennessee

photographed 12.22.2021

holding it all together

Here’s this fence detail, for those of you who have ever wondered how a chain link fence is repaired. I mean, I realize that’s probably a very small demographic, but here at One Day | One Image, we strive to (occasionally) offer Actual Advice. And how lucky that today is one of those days!

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.25.2021

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