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The dirt was just as hard as the concrete sidewalk. There was no evidence of any sort of recent moisture. And it was a hot day. Yet still, the flowers persevered.

Tucumcari, New Mexico
photographed 6.5.2021

Power + Light

I met up with a photographer pal of mine the other day in Tucumcari. We had a fine time locating old stuff to photograph; behind* an auto repair place, I found this nice little electrical installation.

Tucumcari, New Mexico
photographed 6.5.2021

*yep – I went around back.

never not creepy

I guess this could be considered a win? Two creepy dolls in one shop window?

But, seriously, the one on the bottom left…I am pretty sure her eyes are STILL following me, and it’s been 36 days since I made the photo.

It’s starting to feel less and less like a win.

Elida, New Mexico
photographed 5.23.2021


This? Oh, just me and a camera and a cloudy afternoon.

Yellow House Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.31.2021

Plumbing Fixtures

You may remember that I’ve got a little place out in the country; it came with a building that I will generously call a “hut.’ The hut is falling down, incrementally, and I am trying to document its last days (or years – it’s taking a while to fall all the way down.)

This is the bathroom at the hut, with the popular shower/toilet/sink combination right there all in one room. I’m not a germaphobe (even post-pandemic) but the idea of that little drinking fountain apparatus that fit on top of the toilet tank sort of gives me pause. On the other hand, how convenient to be able to sit on the toilet while also taking shower – that could save literally seconds every day!

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.31.2021

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