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Better times were but a memory

Scenes like this always get the attention of my photographic eye (you know that already, right?). There are so many stories here, and I can’t think that any of them had a very happy ending. The hand truck on the left side strikes me as the saddest part of this scene, but there are many things that are in second place.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
photographed 9.1.2020


If I were going to sit on a bench by a river, I’d want to maybe SEE the river. I’m sort of weird that way.

Wawawai County Park
Whitman County, Washington
photographed 9.4.2020

A fan of the church

I’ve written posts in the past about my interest in seeing the nuts-and-bolts of things, the things that make it work or that hold it together. And I can promise you that I will always take a picture of a floor fan inside a church.

St. Gall Catholic Church
Colton, Washington
photographed 9.4.2020

First Consecrated

Two important things, and one that’s silly:

  1. This was the first Roman Catholic church consecrated in the state of Washington;
  2. When I was there, a little sign on the door said the place had just been varnished and the doors were locked for another couple of days; and
  3. That little puff of dust is from a passing car, a car which for no reason at all I assumed was full of nuns.

St. Boniface Catholic Church
Uniontown, Washington
photographed 9.4.2020

Yes, obviously

Thank you, church sign, for stating the extremely obvious: it is indeed a country church.

But on the other hand, we only found it because the desk clerk at the hotel in Pullman, upon finding out we were on a photographic journey, gave me the Photographer’s Guide to the Palouse, a very handy thing to have in our possession.

Dusty, Washington
photographed 9.2.2020

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