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Street Tacos

Every first Friday, no matter the weather, folks turn out for the First Friday Art Trail. This month, in addition to what you think of as “art” there were bands, dancers, costumed actors, food trucks, and lots and lots of people. My informal survey of the food trucks indicated that this one, the taco truck, was the most popular.

It’s a lot of fun; you should probably plan a trip to Lubbock one of these first Fridays to check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 10.6.2017


I’m not making any social commentary here; I would have photographed ANYBODY who was standing under that sign.

London, England
photographed 6.8.2017

Garden wall, with church and clouds

I am pretty sure there’s nothing more attractive than a very old stone wall draped with plants.

Chastleton House
near Moreton in Marsh, England
photographed 6.3.2017

Fragments Resolve

The sun hit the top-floor windows, and fragments scattered.

Chastleton House
Moreton in Marsh, England
photographed 6.3.2017

Cotswold Way

Cotswold Way  is a 102-mile long footpath across the Cotswold escarpment. It takes in villages and ancient sites, and according to this website, it’s magical. That may be right, actually…

Broadway Tower
near Broadway, UK
photographed 6.2.2017

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