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A new forest

Obviously this isn’t from THIS new forest. But it is about as close to a forest as we’re likely to see around here.

south of Sweetwater, Texas
photographed 2.24.2018


It was like bins full of gems, really. Salty, delicious gems.

Central Market
Fort Worth, Texas
photographed 1.19.2020


The grocery store had nice clerestory windows, letting the morning sunlight slant across the wine in a pleasing fashion. It was just about enough to make you thirsty…

Central Market
Fort Worth, Texas
photographed 1.19.2020

Snow Morning

A little bit of overnight snow made Saturday morning look a lot different than the morning before. But by the middle of the day, the snow was gone.

Which reminds me, when we were in Minnesota last fall the main topic of conversation among the locals was Winter. (They capitalized it when they spoke the word. I could tell.) One man told us that a few winters ago there was “too much snow” to use a snowmobile. There’s almost nothing in that sentence that makes any kind of sense to me.

Sadly, this lovely bit of snow turned tragic: about the same time I was making this image, a driver lost control of her vehicle and ran into a group of first responders who were on the scene of earlier accidents. Two of the first responders were killed and the other one is still hospitalized. The first funeral is today; our whole city is in shock over what happened. That doesn’t have anything to do with this photo, but it’s been on my mind this week.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 1.11.2020

Municipal Government

Here are some trash receptacles. And the Mobeetie City Hall. There’s a sign taped to the door at City Hall, giving a short list of contact numbers. You can reach the Bill Umsted, the city manager, or Bobbie Walker, the mayor. But if you need to reach offices of the City of Mobeetie, you’ll get an answering machine. That’s what the sign says.

Mobeetie, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

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