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The Blessing

One time, when a winter storm closed the roads, we spent Christmas night sleeping* in the basement of the Methodist church in Post, Texas. It was not nearly the spiritual experience one might anticipate, even with the heavy symbolism of taking refuge and etc.

And, then last Christmas Eve, I explored the Catholic church in Marathon, Texas, where I suppose a Mass was held later that night. This time it was just me and the little Pope there on the windowsill. Neither of us snored.

St. Mary Catholic Church
Marathon, Texas
photographed 12.24.2018

*Sort-of sleeping, I guess. Many, many people snore, as it turns out. And church basement floors are very cold.

4 fleurs de lis

From the looks of things, there was a problem with people climbing over the fence, so those fleurs de lis were added. But – were the people trying to get in, or get out?

Sacred Heart Catholic Mission Church
Shafter, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

Priest’s Door

I’m just guessing, of course, that this door on the side of the church is the way the priest gets in. What I’d like to know, though, is what the deal is with those flowers on the windowsill…

Sacred Heart Catholic Mission Church
Shafter, Texas
photographed 11.4.2017


While I am not necessarily admitting to anything, the reason there are no people in the picture (other than the fact that it’s a photo that I took) is that they were all attending conference sessions, like obedient little convention attendees.

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 4.22.2018


A garland of weathered and faded flowers on a grave.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1
New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 4.24.2018

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