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The local amusement park shut down this year, after 50 years of operation. I decided to go look at it the other morning; the cold rain made it seem even more forlorn that it already was.

Some of the rides are being shipped to other parks, but I guess the stuff that remains is headed toward being a big pile of bent metal.

Sad update: the owner of Joyland, David Dean passed away yesterday. His wife said, “I truly believe that the sale of Joyland falling through broke his heart.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.13.2023

flower spike

These yucca don’t bloom like this every year – but when they do, they are just spectacular.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.12.2023

fish – like shadows – move about

To be real honest here, I don’t even quite remember seeing these fish suspended over a street in Siracusa. I mean, the evidence is RIGHT HERE (and also on my SD card, bracketed by stuff I do remember) so I have to assume it was a thing I saw. But still…

Siracusa, Sicily
photographed 9.8.2022

polka dots

Just leaving this here….

Playa Larga, Cuba
photographed 11.10.2022

island kitchen

I was lucky and got invited into a private home last fall when I was in Cuba.

Cojímar, Cuba
photographed 11.6.2022

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