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I was working at my agency’s offices in El Paso earlier this week, which made me a bit itinerate when it came to places to work. I spent a pleasant morning working at Hillside Coffee, which is where I saw nice shopping container turned into a lovely water feature.

Hillside Coffee
El Paso, Texas
photographed 12.27.2020

Cemetery Shapes

The three crosses are all different, but all of them are reaching toward the New Mexico sky from their spots in the weedy cemetery.

Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 3.24.2015

A sense of abandonment

There is a lot going on here, and not one thing indicates anything but more destruction for this old place.

Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 3.24.2015


Well, look who was feeling bold enough to include a person in the image? Sure, they are out of focus and all, but still….

Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 7.7.2016

It’s a Blessing

The July 4 band was playing all the usual songs. I wandered around, like I always do, with a camera and an idea that maybe there’d be something that would look OK in a photo.

And, just three and a half years after I made this shot, I noticed that the instrument case says “It’s a Blessing” on it. (I’ll wait while you give the photo another look.) And that’s only my second favorite thing about it – I love how it’s obviously been used for years and has the scars and scruff marks to show for it.

Santa Fe Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 7.4.2016

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