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Carpenter saint in his niche

I like this guy – he seems content with his niche-based existence. But I am not sure why those rocks are lined up to watch him work.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 7.4.2016


A half-dressed man in a rope hammock. Of course.

near Pojaque, New Mexico
photographed 7.6.2016

The week felt like this

A sad little still life – all lipstick prints and coffee and a crumpled napkin. Some days feel like this, right?

And so do some weeks.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 7.4.2016

Dashboard Palette

A beat-up truck in front of an art gallery was itself a piece of art, with that canvas thick with paint on the dashboard. And then, as I stood there, the back window turned itself into a picture frame. (That votive candle in the snow on the hood brought a little bit to the scene, as well.)

Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 12.25.2015

Not Random. Probably.

There are 64,331 interments in the National Cemetery in Santa Fe. I chose this one, more or less randomly, to photograph because I could get a good angle on the graves and flags. And the desiccated rose was nice, too.

And then it got weird: turns out that Kay Wiest was a photographer: the Kay Wiest Negative Collection (4,000 4×5 negatives) documents her work as a staff photographer at the Institute of American Indian Arts from 1964-1971.

So, maybe it wasn’t a random selection, after all.

Santa Fe National Cemetery
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2018

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