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This was an exciting day


I got word this morning that my photograph “All Alone on Soledad Street” was one of 50 images that was selected for the Texas Photographic Society’s 29th annual Members’ Only Show. I’ve applied for that show for three or four years – this is my first time to have my work accepted.

The juror was Reid Callanan, founder and director of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops; in an interesting bit of timing, I am shortly headed to the Workshops for a class, and I look forward to personally thanking Reid for choosing my image.

The show opens in conjunction with FotoSeptiembre USA at the San Antonio Public Library on September 1, and will run through September 30. If you’re in San Antonio then, try to stop by.

Thanks, as always, to my loyal followers here on the blog – you guys keep it interesting!

3 x 3 x 6


On a recent photo prowl through downtown Canyon, Texas, this grid of gridded windows caught my attention.

And also, I can’t decide if the door’s short or the doorknob’s too high. Either way, it looks…odd.

Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.29.2016

The long legs of evening


The afternoon sun makes the shadow into a shape that reminds me of long, skinny legs.

Yellowhouse Canyon
Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 6.9.2016

The Fence


To be honest, I am not entirely sure what the purpose of this fence is. To keep that mostly-dead mesquite tree from advancing? To create an additional challenge for the person who mows*? To keep very fat, but not very smart, snakes at bay?

But it doesn’t really matter when it does such a good job of hanging on to the low afternoon light.

Yellowhouse Canyon
Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 6.9.2016

*Yeah, so I am the person who mows.

The only hill around


Sometimes you have to make your own fun.

Other times, you have to make your own topography.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 6.9.2016

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