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Winter’s Passage

The entire day felt just like this.

near Canyon, Texas
photographed 12.30.2017

3 x 3 x 6


On a recent photo prowl through downtown Canyon, Texas, this grid of gridded windows caught my attention.

And also, I can’t decide if the door’s short or the doorknob’s too high. Either way, it looks…odd.

Canyon, Texas
photographed 5.29.2016

The night shop


I was a speaker on the second day of a two-day conference, which required an overnight stay in this town about 100 miles from home. In the afternoon, I’d discovered a really nice coffee shop – Palace Coffee, for those of you keeping score at home. When I left the coffee shop – in time to make it to the conference’s evening activities – I noticed this little place and thought, “I need to come back here later.”

So I did.

Canyon, Texas
photographed 3.20.2013

Hail to the beef


On this afternoon, I had three passengers in my car.  Two of them I had just met.  And one of those had just asked me what sorts of things I liked to photograph.  I said, “That.  Right there.  The old building.  Oh!  And that sign!  The old building AND the sign!!”

Maybe I just imagined that I caught them exchanging worried glances at each other.

At any rate, I didn’t stop.  But I did come back later….

Canyon, Texas
photographed 3.20.2013

January 24

At the bottom of Palo Duro Canyon State Park

near Canyon, Texas

photographed 1.21.2012

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