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Tentacles and the toilet

The door was already open, so I had a clear view of this scene from quite a ways off. Not the usual thing I see in cemeteries, and not even the weirdest thing in this one. (Come back tomorrow to see what that was. You’ll [probably] be as surprised as I was.)

Fairmount Cemetery
San Angelo, Texas
photographed 11.24.2018

Silo and Clouds

I love a good sky…

Chicken Farm Art Center
San Angelo, Texas
photographed 10.24.2018

You can’t trust reflections

Sometimes a technically bad image turns out not so bad, after all.

Like this one, which I liked so much when I saw it on the back screen of my camera that I didn’t even try to get a “good” shot. (Also, since I was taking pictures in a restroom, I was hurrying in order to not get caught…)

Hotel Settles
Big Spring, Texas
photographed 11.23.2018


You can’t even imagine how much I’d like to get inside this place to look around and take a few* photos. That barbed wire, though…

Levelland, Texas
photographed 11.21.2018

*Not a few. A LOT more than a few.

Speed Limit

This oddly specific speed limit sign rusts away on the gate to an abandoned cottonseed oil mill. Maybe if people could have driven 11 or even 13 miles per hour, the place could have made it. I guess we’ll never know…

Levelland, Texas
photographed 11.21.2018

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