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Near the tracks

Just a little something I saw down by the railroad tracks…

Tulia, Texas
photographed 6.24.2019


Patient Spouse, as we’re leaving town: What’s the best way to get back to the highway?

Me: Go straight through this light.

Also me: Wait! Wait! Turn left RIGHT HERE. I need to look at something!

Patient Spouse:

And that’s the story of how we drove all the way to the next town before we got on the main road. And it’s also the story of how I got this photo, and the one from yesterday, and the one you’ll see tomorrow…

Tulia, Texas
photographed 6.24.2019


Well, who wouldn’t notice what the sun was up to on these concrete grain elevators and pull off the main street to get a photo?

I would absolutely do it! This is a shot from 2013 of the other side of these very same elevators.

I’m in a rut, but at least it’s six years wide.

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 5.24.2019

*Actually, one day short of six years, but who’s counting?**
**I am. I’m counting.


You can’t even imagine how much I’d like to get inside this place to look around and take a few* photos. That barbed wire, though…

Levelland, Texas
photographed 11.21.2018

*Not a few. A LOT more than a few.

Speed Limit

This oddly specific speed limit sign rusts away on the gate to an abandoned cottonseed oil mill. Maybe if people could have driven 11 or even 13 miles per hour, the place could have made it. I guess we’ll never know…

Levelland, Texas
photographed 11.21.2018

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