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Steam Night

There are a lot of geothermal plants on the south end of the Salton Sea. The plumes of steam are a constant part of the view, day or night. And if you are the sort of person who likes industrial architecture – or more specifically the sort of person who likes industrial architecture at night – you might consider stopping by for a visit.

near Calipatria, California
photographed 2.10.2022


Most of the time in Nova Scotia we stayed as close to the ocean as we could get. Like many people who grew up on the Plains, I am most comfortable when I can see a long horizon in front of me. Oceans provide this, of course, and also add in some foreground scenery that’s definitely not what I am used to seeing below a horizon line.

One day we decided to head toward the middle, away from the ocean. And that’s how we happened up on this little piece of the Mersey River.

Milton, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.2.2015

Ships on the horizon


Sometimes, on those fun-filled family vacations, having a tripod along creates a plausible reason to step away from the fun, the too-loud TV, the oppressive togetherness.

In this case, I retreated to the balcony for a night view across the Gulf of Mexico to watch the ships heading toward the port and the clouds scurrying across the sky.

Oh, and to put the tripod to work….

Port Aransas, Texas
photographed 10.7.2011

August 8

along New Navy Base Road
near Eureka, California

photographed 7.30.2012

February 11

Wouldn’t it be cool if this really WAS a photograph of a ghost ship?

Port Aransas, Texas

photographed 10.9.2011

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