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Door Number Three

I love to be the only person in a church, and if I’m there at the time of day with sunlight slants through stained glass windows, that’s a nice bonus. I was particularly fond of the way the crosses over the doors got progressively lighter.

And, you may want to know that St. Gall is the patron saint of birds and geese and Switzerland.

St. Gall Catholic Church
Colton, Washington
photographed 9.4.2020

Not Responsible

The town is set up to have a big picnic. There wasn’t one going on back in December, and I guess the summer’s about to slip by without a big gathering. But the shelter’s there, whenever big picnics can resume.

Mobeetie, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

Playground on a dripping day

It’s been a hot summer here in Texas, so to make myself feel cooler, I’m posting this picture that I made on a cold, damp day last December. I found this antiquated playground in a tiny town way up in the top of the Texas Pandhandle.

Mobeetie, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

Everything Melted

It was hot that day – around 110 degrees. And the wind was not a gentle, cooling breeze; it was the opposite of both of those things. And midday was brutal – everything felt like it could melt right then.

O’Donnell, Texas
photographed 7.13.2020

Weed as Barrier

That weed may have thought its presence across a potential walking route was enough to keep itinerant photographers at bay.

That weed was wrong.

Big Spring, Texas
photographed 8.2.2020

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