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Here’s a collection of rectangles, broken up by an arch, a satellite dish, and one and a half trees.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.5.2015

Already practically dead

You know for sure that anyone “lucky” enough to win one of the fish that’s crammed into these little bowls is going to be flushing a dead fish by morning.

South Plains Fair
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.23.2014


The problem is that when I’ve got non-photographers with me, I am extremely aware of the fact their interest level and mine are not even close to the same. In this case, there were three people sitting in a car while I explored the church.

And, so, even though the light would have been completely different in here in another half hour*, I ended up shooting-and-dashing, in the interest of family dynamics. Please do not mention this to my photography teachers who advocate the “compose and wait” method…

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Brenham, Texas
photographed 11.24.2017

*Would it have been better? Or just different? Who knows – but it would have been a fun thing to find out.

One bulb

This is another example of something I found only because there was a sign on the highway pointing toward something that seemed more interesting than anything on the current road.

Dodson Prairie, Texas
photographed 4.16.2017

A blurry day

I love fog! I love how it blurs and distorts what we’re familiar with, how it makes everything seem quieter, and how it hides things that are otherwise very close.

But after a few hours, I am ready for the sun to come back out.

Sweetwater, Texas
photographed 2.23.2018

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