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Outdoor Living

Back in the winter, I took myself on a little weekend trip and stayed in a vintage travel trailer. It was cute, but it was also a reminder that I may have just a touch of claustrophobia.

Anyway, it was nice to have an outdoor space. If you see what I mean.

near Wimberley, Texas
photographed 1.19.2019

No cooling

It’s a good thing I didn’t have to stand very long under this collapsing air conditioner. I mean, I have a hard head and all, but still…

Plainview, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

The way of things

The old ways are fading, leaving behind the shadows of things it took to make it all happen.

Tulia, Texas
photographed 6.24.2019

Don’t bring your appetite

I mean, you can if you want. But it’d be a good idea to also bring your own food – the Wellman Diner is out of business.

Wellman, Texas
photographed 9.7.2019

Where to store crosses

Do you or someone you know struggle with knowing where to store those crosses in the off-season? Have you thought they should be kept inside, away from the weather? Do you worry that leaving them outside might be somehow considered sacrilegious?

We here at One Day | One Image share those concerns, and are happy to report that – apparently – it is perfectly acceptable to store them on the back of the parking lot, leaning against a storage shed.

St. William’s Catholic Church
Denver City, Texas
photographed 9.7.2019

Denver City, Texas
photographed 9.7.2019

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