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like a fish out of water

This part of Texas is not what anyone would call lake-infested. And the lakes that we do have are usually less than full. Which I guess explains this fairly common sight: an non-workable boat parked next to a building.

Slaton, Texas
photographed 8.22.2021


I was getting ready to take a photography class that required the use of only one lens, a 50mm. That’s not my preferred lens, so I thought that maybe I needed to practice a little bit with it before heading off for a class.

And that’s how the photo of this…thing, I guess we’ll call it…came about.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 8.22.2021

The thing about living in Lubbock is that if you go somewhere and meet some random people, you can talk to them for just a few minutes and figure out that you’ve got a heretofore unknown connection with them. Just last night, I met a man named Wicker, and it turns out that he owns this thing. And the thing has a name! It’s a part of an abandoned cotton gin called a burr tower. In its previous life, it held the cotton burrs that were removed from the cotton during the ginning process. Also, though, Wicker says he also calls it the “alien spider.”

Snails’ Pace

There were a lot of little snails on the railing around these graves. But you can tell that by looking at this photo, I guess.

Fairfield, Texas
photographed 8.14.2021

Municipal Government

There was a time, early in my career, when I thought that the field of city management seemed particularly interesting and worth pursuing. I think I started to rethink that position when the city manager told me that a gentleman here in Lubbock phoned him every morning that the garbage truck woke him up. “I’m awake and you should be, too.” was the message every time.

But I still notice city halls when I travel.

Teague, Texas
photographed 8.14.2021


Someone thought the crumbly brick wall around a cemetery needed a little bit of a sermon, I guess.

And I thought I needed to stomp through the roadside weeds to get a photo of it.

We were both right.

Mexia, Texas
photographed 8.14.2021

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