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urban reflections

If you combine a little bit of impending boredom, a camera outfitted with a vintage lens, an 8th floor hotel room, a view of a parking deck, morning sunlight, and a cold-ass day, this is what may happen.

(I felt that it was important for you to be aware of the risks of traveling with me.)

Fort Worth, Texas
photographed 12.23.2022

cathedral reflections

I am convinced that my camera is smarter than I am – I didn’t even see the way the reflections in the floor made a cross until I was already home and the images were downloaded. Way to go, camera!

Washington National Cathedral
Washington, DC
photographed 11.25.2022

mercado industrial (reflexión)

It is still weird to me that my eyes will parse out reflections to see what’s actually in a scene, but my camera’s like, “Nope. You gotta see it the way I see it.” and keeps all the stuff I wouldn’t have noticed.

But on the other hand, how nice that the camera shows me a man who is roughly the size of a backpack (and to make it a little more trippy – he’s WEARING a backpack.)

Cienfuegos, Cuba
photographed 11.9.2022

clean sweep

Thank you for your patience today, with this photo that is about as far away from my normal stuff as any of us can imagine.

Hotel Joule
Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.8.2022


Those are some big damn feet, stomping all over downtown Chicago like that. It seems an extremely dangerous situation has developed. Please remain observant and take appropriate precautions.

photographed 8.9.2014

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