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The Morning Came to Tell of Silences


The fog seemed determined to stay around that day, and we couldn’t see across the water at the Petit Passage, which divided the Digby Necks.

It was very quiet.

Except for the foghorn

Petit Passage
near Tiverton, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.28.2015

God’s Robes


I can get distracted thinking about what goes on behind the scenes, for Mass, for dinner, for a car repair. It doesn’t really matter what it is, I just always wonder about the how of it all.

So I was pretty happy to discover God’s robes in a small room off the sanctuary of this Nova Scotian church.

Église Saint-Bernard
Saint Bernard, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.28.2015

Upon Row


Above-ground tombs like this are always a sign of a high water table. Or a low elevation. The camera’s GPS says the elevation of this place is 39.4 feet, which is actually relatively high for this part of Louisiana; there were many places that had elevations in the negative numbers.

It was a lovely cemetery, nicely kept with new white paint on rows and rows of markers.

St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery
St. Charles, Louisiana
photographed 1.9.2016

Local Industry


Sugarcane – that’s what was growing in the fields south of New Orleans.

But we didn’t figure that out until we got to Raceland and turned off the main road to see if we could figure out the source of that white smoke (or steam?). Turns out it was coming from the sugarcane mill.

Raceland, Louisiana
photographed 1.9.2016

To Ascend


“Oh, you must go inside! It’s beautiful,” said the parishioner leaving after Mass.

She was right. Even the foyer was lovely, with the play of light on the surfaces and the hint of mystery about what was at the top of the stairs.

(And in case you wondered, the slope-shouldered gentleman there on the wall is St. Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney, the patron of parish priests.)

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
Lafayette, Louisiana
photographed 1.10.2016

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